OK, so you’ve been cooped up for a few weeks and are itching to go out, explore and start planning your next vacation. Even though we may still be asked to remain indoors for the time being, we at Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk A&E District have come up with a vacation-at-home strategy that is sure to bring a smile, inspire you to keep the faith, and possibly even teach you a thing or two. Then, when this social distancing is a thing of the past, we hope you will come visit our cultural partners, stay in our hotels, and dine in our restaurants. Until then, stay healthy and follow our plan for a great vacation in your own home!

Start out by setting up your room and home to feel like a getaway! Add a green plant or fresh cut flowers to your space, light a fragrant tropical candle, and make your bed with nicely laundered sheets that help create a soothing hotel-like experience. Want an easy way to bring that luxe hotel feel to your sheets? Keep reading to find out how!
Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House
After a great night’s sleep, nothing says you are on vacation more than starting your morning with an Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House delicious oven-baked pancake! The O-B House, a Fort Lauderdale farm-to-table restaurant and local favorite, has a distinct Florida vibe with its delicious breakfast and lunch offerings and Fort Lauderdale vintage photos sprinkled along its walls. Named by many breakfast aficionados as the “best pancake you will ever eat,” these delicious oven-baked cakes can now be delivered right to your door!
Bonnet House Museum & Gardens
With your belly full and happy, it’s time to explore the arts and culture of The District. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your sunglasses and let your computer, smartphone or tablet take you to the stunning Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. Take a virtual trip to this beautiful estate, situated on 35 acres across from the Atlantic Ocean. Bonnet House’s Virtual and Vintage Tour ― which includes a tour of the house, oral history by late Bonnet House owner Evelyn Bartlett and Irene Hart (who as a child lived at and near the Bonnet House), and extended clips from the Bartletts’ home movies ― will whisk you away to a time when elegance reigned and hospitality was commonplace. Watch closely and you will spot some famous historic figures.
Historic Stranahan House Museum
For family-friendly entertainment, you may want to live stream the Historic Stranahan House Museum, considered the birthplace of Fort Lauderdale. Each weekday morning at 11 a.m., as part of Stranahan House’s “Live from Fort Lauderdale” series, your children will be treated to a fun, interactive program ranging from live storytelling to creating arts and crafts, and much more. The Stranahan House was built in 1901 by Frank Stranahan, credited as Fort Lauderdale’s founding father; and his wife Ivy Cromartie Stranahan, the area’s first schoolteacher. It is the oldest surviving structure in Broward County and has served as a trading post, post office, town hall, and home to the Stranahans.
Broward Center For the Performing Arts
You can also visit Broward Center for the Performing Arts’ education page for a variety of fun, interactive classes, ideal for all members of the family. There are also plenty of other virtual offerings that will delight and inspire, as well as trending playlists that can serve to either soothe or energize that “vacation” spirit.
Boathouse at the Riverside Hotel
Ready for a cocktail to accompany that vacation state of mind? Check out this video from our friends at the Boathouse at the Riverside Hotel, that teaches how to make the perfect white sangria for those virtual balmy tropical afternoons and evenings.
NSU ArtMuseum Fort Lauderdale
Now that your body and soul have gotten into that Fort Lauderdale groove, it’s time to power up your mind. Virtually roam NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale’s “Happy!” exhibit. This new curated exhibition of contemporary works produced by artists who aim to engage the viewer emotionally, showcases through their work how ― as in life ― sorrow and happiness are intertwined in their art. Museum Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater said it best when she detailed how many of these artists acknowledge that making art is an essential way for them to work out their own trauma and frustrations, which leads to the ability to help cope with life’s challenges. May we suggest that after your tour you allow inspiration to soar and take a stab at creating your own masterpiece? Think of it as your own vacation souvenir!
History Fort Lauderdale
Follow up your visit to the NSU Art Museum with a stop at History Fort Lauderdale. Log on to History Fort Lauderdale’s YouTube channel to watch one of many lectures given by prominent authors, historians and civic leaders whose stories of challenges, achievements and discoveries helped propel Fort Lauderdale into a modern, culturally diverse and eclectic cultural epicenter.

Wow! What an amazing vacation you are having. We hope you have taken plenty of photos along the way to share with friends and family. By the way, be sure to share those with us at #DotheDistrict, so we can create our own virtual vacation album.
Making your home
feel like a luxe hotel…

Want to make your bed sheets have that 5-star, hotel-fresh linen smell? Here is an easy way: Take ½ cup of baking soda and add it to the wash basin while it’s filling, then add your laundry and let it soak for 30 minutes before starting the wash cycle. After the cycle ends, then dry as usual. Voila! Also check out our Stay, Play & Ride Hotel Getaway and Plunge into Fort Lauderdale packages for your next visit.
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